FBMR - Beautiful Girls
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BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (1996) ***1/2

What a great little movie. And by little, I mean, budget and production. It was a wonderful ensemble cast that includes, Uma Thurman, Natalie Portman, Mira Sorvino, Lauren Holly, Matt Dillon, Timothy Hutton, David Arquette, and more.

Itís a very talky film about a group of guys and their thoughts on relationships, women, and growing up. None of these guys seem to be able, or want to take the leap into marriage, and most of their girlfriends want to. Itís also a story about returning home to a small town after leaving for the big city and the struggle between what the past was like, and what the future could bring.

The dialogue and relationships that the girls have with each other, the guys have with each other, and interconnectedness of both are wonderfully and sometimes brutally honest, and sometimes bridges age gaps. You feel something for almost all of the characters, whether you think theyíre being jerks, or whether you can relate to their dilemma. I highly recommend it to anyone in their late teens, twenties, or early thirties. Actually, I recommend it to everyone who likes a movie with lots of talking, it transcends age.