FBMR - Beyond Borders
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This was a difficult movie to watch. Behind the love story were countless examples of how most of this world is in a very poor state, especially for children. We see very graphic images and scenes in Africa, South East Asia, North East Europe where war-torn countries are filled with corruption and the people who suffer the most are the innocent, the children. It was comforting in a way to know that there are people out there dedicated to trying to help and make those places better, but itís not enough. And does the means justify the end when in order to help those in need you sometimes have to compromise your principles and do things youíd rather not. It made me feel guilty that even though I sometimes complain about my current situation, I have it so much better than the vast majority of the people in this world.

Itís not a happy movie, and sometimes itís good to see that life isnít the fairy-tale we see in the movies, far from it. Especially if it helps one person decide to make a change for the better.