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BOILER ROOM (1999) ***

I left the theatre wanting to know more about this story. I wasnít disappointed with the ending, but I wanted to know how the rest of the story was going to turn out. I was involved. It is told from the point-of-view of Giovanni Ribisiís character. I would have liked to have had more of a third person perspective. This movie is quite similar to WALL STREET in that the movie is about stock brokers, and similar to GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS with regards to the selling angle. In fact both these films are referred to. One scene is quite interesting as a group of rich, young brokers are sitting around quoting WALL STREET as they watch it, like theyíre reading from the Bible.

The scenes where you see the brokers selling on the phone are some of the best examples of the power of persuasion. But I got the feeling that this movie was a little to general. It never really delved as deeply as I would have liked it to in all the areas that are explored and presented (notice how vague Iím being? Pretty frustrating, right? Iím doing this to keep from spoiling anything, though). There are a number of great scenes between Ribisiís character and his father. The story that he tells about when he fell off his bike is a prime example. The scenes with Ben Affleck are also pretty good, reminding me of Alec Baldwinís role in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, Affleck never really dialogues with any of the other characters, but speaks in a number of speeches. Worth a watch.

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