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ENEMY OF THE STATE (1998) ***1/2

This movie can be best described as the ultimate game of cat-and-mouse with strong and believable performances all around. It was very suspenseful, well-written, and had enough funny moments and recurring jokes (the blender) to lighten up the mood every once in a while.

Will Smithís character is a lawyer who unknowingly receives some very incriminating evidence. He then becomes bugged, chased, harassed, and he doesnít know why. Those who he is told to trust cannot always be trusted either. Frustrating because we in the audience canít help, we can only sit on the edge of our seats and hope that he trusts the right people and does exactly what heís supposed to.

One of the main characters in this movie is the communication technology. It is incredible and scary what can be done today in terms of surveillance. This helps this movie to be a first-rate action/suspense movie.

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