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eXistenZ (1999) ***

The best way to describe this film is icky, gooey, and slimy. It's definitely not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. David Cronenberg has written and directed one weird, weird, weird movie. Leave it to him, I suppose. The movie is about a new wave in virtual reality games; virtual reality on acid. The game pods, the cables, everything about the game is organic; it's almost a living being unto itself. These games are plugged into the player's spine through a bio-port. They say these bio-ports are as easy to install and as common as getting your ears pierced. The games are as real as how you feel when you're dreaming, you feel like you're really there, but it's all been programmed. Just like in a dream, though, the players aren't always sure whether they're still in the game or whether they've come back to reality. Or is reality the game, and the game is real?

Despite being quite squeamish myself -- I never wanted to do any kind of dissecting in high school -- I enjoyed myself even though I was sometimes squirming in my seat. Conceptually, this film is very interesting, and the acting is good too, Jude Law in particular. If you can stand it, it's worth a watch. I wonder if this is the way of the future in terms of interactive virtual reality games. Like in the movie, people seem to enjoy playing these games and living something other than their reality. Spines beware!

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