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FANTASIA 2000 (2000) **1/2

I found that this film would have worked just as well on a regular screen as on the Imax screen. Since it was an Imax exclusive, I was expecting much more from it, visually, and I was disappointed. What's special with Imax is that, because the screen is so big, your brain gets fooled, from time to time, into thinking that you really are there in the film. Your stomach will even react, when the camera makes a sudden dip or a downward motion, as if you are on that roller coaster or airplane in the film. There were none of those Imax tricks in FANTASIA 2000. I would have enjoyed seeing the clip in ALADDIN when he exits the cave on the magic carpet...that would have given my stomach a ride. Instead I felt that the Imax format was wasted. FANTASIA 2000 was just big, nothing more special than that.

As a film, it was quite interesting. The stories, based on pieces of classical music, were very interesting interpretations and they complimented the music very well, indeed. Some of the more memorable segments were the opening piece set to Beethoven's 5th Symphony (although, being incredibly familiar with this piece of music I was very disappointed to hear that it was an abridged version of the Symphony's First Movement), and Noah's Ark set to Pomp and Circumstance.

In terms of animation, I was also slightly disappointed with the quality of some of the segments. I felt, at times, like i was just watching a really big Saturday morning cartoon. I expect more from Disney's animation studios.

My advice is to wait for the video, if they even release a video, that is. You're not missing too much if you don't see this on the Imax screen.

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