FBMR - Ghostbusters
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Ghosts and other paranormal beings are terrorizing the citizens of New York City. Three scientists, studying this type of activity develop a way of capturing and containing these creatures. When the university revokes their research money they are forced to find their own lab and storage, and decide to go into business as Ghostbusters.

This movie combines comedy and horror/suspense pretty well. Bill Murray and Rick Moranis help the comedy cause the most, and Dan Aykroyd lends support as well. The horror aspect is pretty tame, although probably scary enough for anyone under 7 years old.

Unfortunately, the special effects are fairly bad. The beasts are noticeably fake and cartoon-like. Star Wars, made in 1977, had more believable effects than this. These bad effects spoiled the film for me, luckily, it was funny enough that I didn't mind too much.

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