FBMR - Girl, Interrupted
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Winona Ryder is vastly overshadowed by Angelina Jolie in her Oscar-winning supporting role. Most of the more engaging scenes feature Lisa (Jolie), whose personality is quite over-the-top. Although Iíll have to admit it got to be a bit much by the end of the film.

Suzanna (Ryder) is placed in a mental hospital after she, inadvertently or not, attempts to commit suicide. She and Lisa do not get along at first but eventually become good friends. Lisa leads Suzanna into a downward spiral of refusal to co-operate with the treatment being offered. Lisa is not a very good influence, and Suzanne follows Lisaís lead because she doesnít really believe that she belongs there. The way some characters evolve and the way others stay the same is very interesting to watch.

To tell the truth, this film never really interested me, but having finally seen it, Iím glad I did.

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