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GO (1999) ***

This movie follows three interwoven stories and is reminiscent of PULP FICTION in its structure, dialogue, and time-frame (the movie spans approximately a twenty-four hour period). All three stories begin in the supermarket, and it is here that all the main characters interact with each other. From there, they go their separate ways, only to regroup later on after a very bizarre evening.

I really enjoyed this movie. It's been categorized a comedy, but I didn't really find it had many laughs. The story that takes place in Vegas is the funniest of the three. I wouldn't call it a drama either. It has both elements of comedy and drama. I really liked the way quite a few of the scenes were shown again, from a different point-of-view, depending on whose story we're following.

It's edgy. It's about sex, drugs, and raves. It's hip and clever. It makes me glad I don't hang out with these characters.

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