FBMR - Gone In Sixty Seconds
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The trailer for this film is misleading. The movie is not one long car chase, or a series of many car chases. Itís more about getting a crew together, scouting the cars and stealing them, and the troubles that they run into. There are few chases because they are so good that no one has time to realize that they are stealing so many cars. There are a couple random car chases in the film, mind you, and one of which is incredibly spectacular. But I found that itís not as gung-ho of an action movie as previous Jerry Bruckheimer/Nicolas Cage movies, which was a bit disappointing, but I got over it pretty quickly.

After having left the car theft business for about six years, Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage) is dragged back in for a one-shot deal, to steal fifty cars in less than a week. While trying to get his former crew together he encounters a number of obstacles, including the police who know him as a brilliant thief, but have never caught him. With a small crew of young and old he scopes out the 50 cars that have been requested, some of which are very rare finds. The cars in the film are all very cool: hot rods from the 50s, muscle cars from the 60s and 70s, brand new state-of-the-art luxury cars, and a couple of SUVs and a hum-vee thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately, some of the elements that were introduced in the film, that could have made it even more intense and interesting, were never really developed. Why bother introducing them if they serve little, or no purpose. I guess Iíll write it off as inspiration, as what not to do when I write my screenplay.

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