FBMR - Johnny Mnemonic
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The previews for this movie, if I remember correctly, wanted to promote it as an action movie, Keanuís next big movie after SPEED. Unfortunately, this movie did not live up to those expectations. But it was unfair to bill it as an action movie because it wasnít. Itís more of a sci-fi movie with some action Ö more of a cat-and-mouse movie, though.

The story is quite interesting. Itís not fantastic, but still interesting. In the not so distant future, corporations rule and information is smuggled by Mnemonic agents by having it wet wire uploaded into their brain. Johnny (Keanu Reeves) has exceeded his allotted storage, even after using a doubler to increase space. If he doesnít get the information heís carrying out of his head within a couple of days, it will kill him. The problem is that the extraction code has been damaged and this information seems to be very important and the corporations want it for profit, and will extract it by any means necessary.

The acting is only average, the writing is ok, but the dialogue is fairly poor. Keanu seems very wooden throughout and only delivers his lines convincingly when heís angry, but even then, sometimes the dialogue works against him. At times it was almost like listening to a bad student film.