FBMR - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
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To truly enjoy this movie, you really, really have to suspend your disbelief because there is so much in this movie that could make you shake your head and roll your eyes. In an 1899 Europe that blends fact and fiction, a mysterious masked man is framing Germany and Britain against each other hoping to start a world war. To stop this from occurring, a team of fictional characters from the time’s fantasy/sci-fi literature are assembled. Among the league are Allan Quartermain from “Solomon’s Mines”, Captain Nemo from “20 000 Leagues Under the Sea”, Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde, and a grown-up Tom Sawyer.

The story I found quite thin and somewhat silly and pointless. It lacked direction and seemed disjointed, never really going anywhere important. Most of the characters lacked adequate development, they were all two dimensional, as if they were simply lifted from the pages of the books from which they were taken. It was almost as if we were all supposed to have read these pieces and be well aware of their character before hand. I’ve never even read Tom Sawyer, let alone the other books.

But not all was bad. Some of the effects and action scenes were entertaining. Some of the movie was just plain laughable and funny, and I hope that’s what they were intending. Check your brain at the door, and lock the door, and throw away the key for almost two hours and you shouldn’t mind this too, too much.