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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 (2000) **1/2

ohn Woo uses slow-motion more than any other filmmaker I can think of. Sometimes it really works, and sometimes it doesnít. FACE/OFF is a brilliant example of using slow-motion to near perfection, it definitely adds to the style of the movie. The slow-motion used in Wooís first Hollywood effort, HARD TARGET, fails and actually looks quite silly. In MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE 2, the slow-motion both works and doesnít on certain levels. I found that when slow-motion was used during the scenes with Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton, it was pretty pointless. During the action and combat scenes, it was very effective and looked very cool.

The word on the street was that the story was even more confusing than the previous M:I movie. With that in mind I was not expecting to understand what was going on, but I didnít find it all that confusing at all.

In order to develop a super-cure for almost every virus know to us, the development of a super-virus was necessary to test the effectiveness of this cure. Unfortunately, there has been some foul play and the virus and cure risk falling into the wrong hands. It is Agent Ethan Huntís (Tom Cruise) mission to find the virus and destroy it before that should happen. Of course, things get complicated.

Usually, itís been my experience, that if there are weaknesses in a film, itís in itís ending. On the contrary, this film begins weakly and gets much better towards the end, the last half hour of the film is actually really good; action-packed and very stylish. The choreography in the hand-to-hand combat scenes are incredible.

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