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OFFICE SPACE (1998) ***

I laughed out loud quite a bit during this movie. It was hilarious. Silly, infantile, but hilarious nonetheless. If you've ever worked in an "office", or heard horror stories about people who've worked in an office, you'll enjoy this movie.

Peter (Ron Livingston) hates his life because he hates his job. But he ends up taking matters into his own hands and takes charge of his own life, with lots of really funny results. Gary Cole as the boss is excellent.

Much like the film FALLING DOWN gave us a character who did things we only dream about, OFFICE SPACE gives us another hero to look up to. He does the things that everyone would like to do, but, since we live in the real world, don't because we'd probably lose our jobs.

The last third of the film, mind you, does not live up to the first two, which was a bit of a disappointment. It seemed liked writer/director Mike Judge (BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD and KING OF THE HILL) used most of the great laughs too early. All in all, an enjoyable, cathartic movie experience.

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