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PRIVATE PARTS (1997) ***

Howard Stern wrote a book based on his rise to fame as a disc-jockey-turned- shock-jock. Sales went through the roof. Of course, that led to the next step ... talks about turning his tale into a movie. And who better to play the main character but Stern himself? So, Howard Stern plays himself in a book about himself written by himself. Could it be biased? Probably. Will people be offended? Probably. Is it entertaining? Yes.

This movie is also remarkably uplifting. Sure, Stern sounds like a sexist homophobic jerk on the air but could there actually be a decent human being beneath that shock-jock persona? There seems to be. Though, do keep in mind that he did write the story. Rarely do people put themselves down in print. But whether itís true or not doesnít change the fact that this is a very funny movie. Itís rude and sweet at the same time. Not many films have managed that as successfully as this one has.

The film follows Sternís childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as he then travels from town to town as a morning-man disc jockey. It isnít until he starts speaking his mind that begins to find success. Much of this success should also be credited to his wonderful support staff, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, Jackie Martling, and Gary DellíAbate, who also play themselves in the film.

Unfortunately, the movie now has a bit of an awkward feeling now that Stern and his wife, who in the movie sticks by his side, have since split. Oh well, nobodyís perfect.

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