FBMR - Riding In Cars With Boys
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It took me three tries to see this movie. The first time, in the theatre, I only managed to see the first 20 minutes or so. A minor accident cut that viewing short. ;-) The second time, on video, it was lying around so I popped it in. I saw twenty more minutes of it until it had to be returned. Third timeís a charm and I came in around the time I had to leave the theatre on my first attempt and finally saw it to the end.

This movie follows the trials and tribulations of a girl who gets pregnant at a young age, marries the deadbeat father, and ultimately ends up raising her son by herself, sacrificing most of what she really wanted to do with her life as a result.

The preview made the movie out to be a lot funnier than it actually is. I did enjoy it, but itís not a comedy as the studio wanted people to believe. Itís a drama that should be required viewing for young girls who arenít totally sure about what kind of responsibilities lie ahead should they get pregnant before they are ready to have a child. I was often torn between feeling badly for the mother and feeling badly for the son, both when they were young and when they were older. The story was well written. Of course, it helps that itís based on a true story. The acting was also pretty good. Drew Barrymore and Steve Zahn were solid, and the numerous actors who played the son were all very good as well.

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