FBMR - Sixteen Candles
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This movie has staying power. It was funny when it was first released, and it is still funny, if not funnier because of the bad 80s style. Molly Ringwald is surrounded by some of the most extremely stereotypical characters ever, thatís part of the reason why itís so funny.

The subject matter is pretty light, revolving around Ringwaldís characterís sixteenth birthday which happens to be on the same weekend as her older sisterís wedding, and everyone seems to have forgotten about the birthday. Itís a pretty typical unnoticed girl dreams about the most popular guy in the school who is going out with the ditziest girl in the school.

The grandparents are very funny, the Chinese exchange student is a riot, and keep your eyes peeled for the young Cusacks (John and Joan). Itís also one of Anthony Michael Hall's funniest roles.

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