FBRM - Star Wars: Special Edition
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Twenty years after it's original release, George Lucas has re-issued and "improved" his masterpiece, STAR WARS. Many of the scene are welcome inclusions, but some don't seem to fit with the original feel of the film. I found that there were too many unimportant things added in the background whose only purpose was for comic relief. There are enough laughs already, I don't know why more needed to be added. Also, the scene with Greedo and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) has been slightly modified so that Solo doesn't look like the "bad guy", but I found that it contradicted his character. I prefer the original version of that scene. I liked the pull-away scene as Luke's land speeder enters the space port, Mos Eisley. Lucas has also tweaked the end battle scene with some revamped special effects, and has added scenes previous cut from the original film. The don't really add too much to the film, but they don't take much away either. It's just neat to see, and wonder why some of them were cut in the first place.

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