FBMR - The Emperor's New Groove
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This is one of the very rare Disney animated features that has almost no musical numbers. Thereís one song at the beginning, and one at the end, but the rest of the movie has the feel of a long, big-budget Saturday morning cartoon. Not that thereís anything wrong with that because it is very funny.

David Spade is the voice of the Emperor Kuzco who gets turn into a llama and disposed of very carelessly. He ends up at the house of Pacha (John Goodman), the peasant whose village Kuzco wants to destroy in order to build a theme park for himself (Kuzcotopia). The Emperor orders Pacha to help him return to the Palace so he can find an antidote to the potion he drank. Pacha refuses, but being the kind-hearted individual that he is, changes his mind and does help after all.

Type-cast, as usual, Spade lends his snide and snarky attitude to the Emperor/llama which is bound to amuse both the children and the adults in the audience. The animation isnít anything extraordinary. Itís seems that the strength of this movie lies in the characters both good and not-so-good, and the jokes both light-hearted and somewhat sarcastic. Itís yogurt (ďLight & LivelyĒ).

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