FBMR - The Out-of-Towners
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As my friends and I say, this movie was definitely like Sealtest yogurt...Light & Lively. There’s no heavy message, it doesn’t lag on, and it was funnier than I thought it was going to be. I have been somewhat disappointed in some of Steve Martin’s more recent films, but this one is reminiscent of some of his earlier comedy classics. Martin plays an Ohio ad executive who has to go to NYC to interview for a new job. Goldie Hawn plays his wife who is somewhat depressed that both their children have now left the nest and she doesn’t know what to do next. She decides to surprise Martin and join him to NYC. From the get-go, their trip quickly becomes a fiasco. Almost everything that can go wrong, does. But unlike some movies where the audience gets annoyed because bad things keep happening, these mix-ups are treated very lightly in this movie and are quite funny as a result.

This is the perfect kind of movie to watch on a rainy day, when you could really use a laugh and aren’t looking for any sort of great revelations, or when you want to lighten up before going to bed after having watched a scary movie.

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