FBMR - The Prince of Egypt
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Yet another film adaptation of the story of Moses, this animated feature has something for everybody, though not all are as string as the others. The story chronicles the life of Moses from when his mother puts him as a baby in a basket on the Nile and is subsequently found by the Queen of Egypt, to his days as a young man who learns the truth about himself, to the deliverance of the Jews from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea.

It is as educational as it is entertaining. Children now have a religious film that they can relate to and understand. The story is well written and stays fairly close to the Biblical account, but it also takes a certain artistic license in dealing with some of the events that transpire in the film. One can only speculate whether or not (probably not) these little things occurred in the manner they are presented. The music was all right, but wasnít anything special. The animation was incredible, however, and was made to look very realistic. The scenes that involve water or fire are perfect examples; both are drawn so well that they look real. Probably the most breathtaking scene is the parting of the Red Sea, with the walls of water climbing what looks like hundreds of feet towards the sky. The characters are also portrayed with a lot of humanity, even the Pharaoh Rameses, is someone you can feel sorry for. One of the only disappointments is that it ended when it did, I would have liked to have seen more in terms of the trials of forty years in the desert, but itís a very minor point.

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