FBMR - The Virgin Suicides
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This film is strange, disturbing, sweet, funny, and quite haunting. I recommend that you follow this movie up with something a little upbeat because it’s kind of heavy. I left the theatre wanting to help every young person I saw and urge them not to get too depressed over their teen years.

Starring a great young cast, this is the story of a family of five girls and their over protective parents (more so the mother, played by Kathleen Turner, than the father, played by James Woods). Everyone in the neighbourhood seems to gossip about them and their ways, which, upon reflection, are not terribly strange at all. The young boys of the town seem to be very curious about these girls but can’t really get too close to them because of the parents. Being awkward teenagers is also a hindrance. Their interest at first is that of any teenage boy, but they then grow fond of the sisters and want to try to get to know them, and maybe even help them. There's a great scene where the guys and girls are on the telephone.

Unlike most movies like this, where many perspectives are shown to explain the “whys”, this movie is almost totally from the boys’ perspective, and they are as confused about the bizarre series of events as we are. This left me wanting to know more about these girls, and why these parents were so odd.

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