FBMR - °Three Amigos!
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°THREE AMIGOS! (1986) ***1/2

Iíve seen this film so many times Iíve lost count. It stars Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short, and they are all wonderfully funny in this delightful movie.

Drawing parallels to Kurosawaís SEVEN SAMURAI and its American Western counterpart THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, this is the story about a poor village that is bullied by an evil tyrant who decide to hire some righteous vigilantes to help protect them. In this case, however, the townspeople mistake silent film icons, The Three Amigos, as true vigilantes. What a surprise it is when the actors realize that itís for real.

There are so many great little scene that make this whole movie such a treat. Some of the highlights include the song My Little Buttercup, the singing bush and invisible swordsman, and Amigos falling from the sky.