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TIMELINE (2003) **

The premise had promise, but the writing was weak. Things that didnít need explaining were over explained, and things that needed clarification werenít touch upon. There were more holes in the plot than the Swiss allow in their cheese. And thatís not counting inconsistencies.

On a bright note, some of the battle scene were pretty good, and somewhat exciting, so the movie did have some redeeming qualities, but not that many. Gerard Butler, who plays an archaeologist named Andre Marek stole the show, as most rogue characters do.

Scientists working on teleporting develop a way of breaking down an objectís molecular structure in order to send it to another place, much like the idea of faxes. Accidentally, they stumble upon a wormhole where the objects are sent to 1357 Castlegard, France. When Edward Johnston (Billy Connolly), the head of an archaeological digís bifocal lenses appear in a chamber that has been sealed for more than 600 years, the team seeks answers to their questions and get transported to 14th century France to return Johnston to the present. But itís not as simple as they thought, especially with the 100 yearsí war in progress.

It's actually a fun movie to watch, tear apart and laugh at.