FBRM - Tommy Boy
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TOMMY BOY (1995) ***1/2

This is one of those movies that didnít seem incredibly funny at first. It was funny, sure Ö but I didnít like it the first time I saw nearly as much as I love it now. It only became really funny to me when I started talking to my friends about it, or should I say they would be constantly quoting it and killing themselves with laughter. (Thanks Rusty, you rock). And it was after being inundated at Camp Kagama with people who loved the movie that I decided to go back and watch it again Ö and again and again. Itís also the kind of movie that is enhanced by watching it with a large group of people, especially when most of them have seen it and really like it.

Chris Farley and David Spade (who play Tommy and Richard, respectively) have great chemistry together, thanks no doubt to their years together on Saturday Night Live. They play well off each other. Of course Tommy and Richardís friendship, if you can call it that, is very lopsided. Tommyís quite dim and goofy, while Richard has no qualms finding faults in Tommy that he can ridicule.

There are many laughs in this movie, some are in the dialogue, some are sight gags, some are physical comedy. But you have to have an appreciation for real silliness to like this movie.