FBMR - What Lies Beneath
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This film is definitely more than just your run-of-the-mill ghost/paranormal film. There's a lot more going on than the preview lets on. Director Robert Zemeckis' use of the camera is quite effective and interesting. He uses lots of floor level shots that add to the suspense of the film. Of course, he also uses more jolting sudden appearances than I like. My nerves-of-steel can't handle them.

Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford) have some adjusting to do after Claire's daughter from a previous marriage goes off to college. Claire is both sad and excited about being alone with her husband. Their odd neighbours don't help the situation. Reminiscent of Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW, Claire begins spying on them after some bizarre incidents lead her to suspect some foul play. Then strange things begin happening while Claire is alone at the house. She is convinced that the house is haunted, but by whom? And what does the ghost want. It takes a while for the main story to get going, and the first third of the movie is somewhat irrelevant to the latter part.

I found myself talking to the screen a lot more than I usually do. Maybe because I didn't agree with some of Claire's decisions and actions. The acting was good, Harrison Ford really stood out. The script was well written and the movie was very suspenseful. Definitely good for a quick scare.

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