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200 CIGARETTES (1999) ***

This film boasts a huge cast of up-and-comers, and spans a night in the life of these young people. It's New Years's Eve in 1981, and everyone is trying desperately to have as good a time as possible. Some succeed more than others, while a couple of them moan and complain throughout most of the film. All of the different characters we follow during the course of this movie have a cab, driven by Dave Chappelle, among their common bonds. Some of these characters include Kevin (Paul Rudd), a whinner whose birthday it is, and he's just broken up with his girlfriend, his friend (Courtney Love) who can't seem to seem to convince Kevin that she could be attracted to him, a Scottish artist obsessed with the female form, a girl (Martha Plimpton) who's party is a bust, two young girls (Christina Ricci and Gaby Hoffmann) from Long Island lost in the city, a guy (Jay Mohr) who can't keep girls from falling in love with him, and a girl who's the clutz of all klutzes.

Some of the segments really work in this movie, and some fall flat. There are quite a few genuine laughs at the expense of the characters involved, and a number of running gags that kept me interested and laughing. Most of the movie is fairly predictable, and we've seen quite a bit of it all before in any number of movies, but it still manages to keep some surprises up it's sleeve. It's fluff, and it's fun.

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