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Name That Film

This game tests your movie memory. Every week there will be a list of three actors/actresses, and the object of the game is to name the film that all three of them were in together. The actors/actresses will at least have had a speaking role, or a prominent "Silent on Camera" role, or a noticeable cameo. Here's an example:

1. Dennis Hopper
2. Lawrence Fishburne
3. Harrison Ford

The answer is APOCALYPSE NOW.

To submit a solution email me and put "Name That Film" in the subject heading.

The first five to respond with the correct film will have their names posted for everyone to see. The reward is respect from their movie-loving peers.

Optional - include your province/state/country, so the other players (and I) can see how far this game extends.

New List

What film have these three actors been in together?

1. Donald Sutherland
2. Renee Russo
3. Morgan Freeman

Good Luck!

Last Time's Results

Which film stars Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett?

The answer is BLACK HAWK DOWN

Congratulations to our winners:

1. Mezgoespostal
2. Vince Friggieri
3. Colm Boyle
4. Tara Taylor
5. Lisa Santiago

Thanks to all those who participated!