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Lucas Walker lives in Richmond, BC, Canada. He's originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and he loves movies. If he had his way, he'd watch a movie a day ... in fact in 1997, he averaged just that. In his lifetime he's easily watched more than 5000 movies (they're not all here, mind you).

While reading his reviews, you'll probably find that he's not as harsh as some of the other critics out there. He tends to like just about everything he watches. Of course, he tries to stay away from movies that look really terrible.

For a time, he was also writing reviews for an online magazine, called Image Montreal.

Lucas can't remember ever not being interested in movies. His mother had a degree in Cinema, and both she and his father, and most of their friends (friends of the family) are film enthusiasts. This led him to study film production and analysis in College, which furthered his love of movies. It also helps to have many friends who enjoy movies, too.

This site is dedicated to films seen either in the theatre or home viewing. Lucas Walker is not a professional film critic, nor does he pretend to be, but he loves movies and is offering his opinions about them. The reviews vary in length. Generally speaking, though, they are brief. Each film image is linked to the Internet Movie Database where you can link to the film's official web site if one exists. It also has a wealth of other helpful information.

In an attempt to keep this page fresh, the home page only includes the five most recent films seen in the theatre and home-viewed. For previous reviews feel free to visit the Archive section.

Also, new to the website are some researched chronological viewing orders. You can access them through the Links section. Star Wars is up, Star Trek is in progress, Batman is in progress, to name a few.

Some other interests include music (who doesn't like music?), Star Wars, Harry Potter, Sesame Street, and The Muppet Show. Check out the Links to some of these sites. They're well worth the visit.