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20 DATES (1998) **

Director Myles Berkowitz stars in a documentary about trying to find love in L.A. His mission is to go on 20 dates and document them on film (sometimes without telling the women he's dating). He is disillusioned about how love is portrayed in the movies and has set out to show how it happens in real life.

Although Myles says the film is about trying to find love, it is ultimately more about him than anything else. After a while, he starts to get a little annoying, in fact, the whole concept gets a little tiresome half way into the movie, but the end makes it worth having sat through it. Myles isn't the most likeable person in the world, and he can be quite stubborn about his vision. In the film we see him talking to his agent, his friends, his film teacher, and some of the funniest moments are his conversations with the backer, the guy who's given him $60 000 to make his movie.

What I did like about this movie was the inclusion of scenes from classic hollywood romance movies that either illustrated or contradicted what Myles' voice-over was describing; very interesting from a film enthusiast's point-of-view.

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