FBMR - 50 First Dates
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50 FIRST DATES (2004) ***1/2

If you enjoyed GROUNDHOG DAY, youíll like 50 FIRST DATES. Bill Murray has to try to seduce Andy MacDowell in just one day, over and over again because he keeps waking up on February 2nd in GROUNDHOG DAY. In 50 FIRST DATES, Adam Sandler has to try to seduce Drew Barrymore in just one day, over and over again because she suffered brain damage in an accident and has short term loss.

This movie was pretty funny. It was much better than some of Sandlerís more recent movies, but still doesnít compare to the wacky zaniness of BILLY MADISON, HAPPY GILMORE, and THE WEDDING SINGER. But itís close. And itís not only Sandler who gets the laughs, the funny lines are divided up pretty evenly among the cast. And as is the norm with Sandlerís films, keep you eyes peeled for his regular cronies. I wish I were a friend of his.

There were some big laughs, some medium-sized laughs, and some laughs that didnít seem to work. But it was quite enjoyable. Similar to THE WEDDING SINGER, I found myself quite involved with the characters, and when things didnít always seem to go the right way it affected me. But conflicts in fun romantic comedies usually work out for the best, the question was ďHow?Ē And the way they wrapped it up was very nice, very classy.