FBMR - Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy
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I was quite disappointed with this film. Most of it was not funny, and the jokes seemed tired. There was no energy, either. This was one of the last comedy-horror movies that the twosome made, and in my opinion, they should have quit while they were ahead. There was no suspense and the story was pretty dumb.

Abbott and Costello are trapped in Egypt, and are trying to scrape together enough money to get back to the States. At the same time, secret followers of an ancient mummy, believed to still be alive after 4000 years, lose a cursed medallion. Of course, the medallion ends up in the hands of our comic duo, who try to pawn it. They also get chased by the mummy, among others who want to retrieve the medallion.

Usually I really like these two guys, but this movie did absolutely nothing for me. Itís one of the few movies of theirs that I didnít like.

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