FBMR - Aeon Flux
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AEON FLUX (2005) **

I was going into this movie expecting it to be pure trash. It had a lot of work to do to win me over. I usually like to go to a movie with no expectations so that Iím a clean slate. Luckily for this movie (and the person who picked to go see it) it surpassed my severely low expectations. But please bear in mind that I still donít think it was a great movie. It just wasnít pure trash.

Some of the ideas and concepts were interesting, the effects were good, the story was pretty predictable. I spent an equal amount of time thinking both, ďOh thatís kinda neat.Ē and ďOh my goodness, do they think Iím a moron?Ē There are huge holes in the story, and a lot of stuff kinda went unexplained. Wait for the video, and then even for it to be a full-week rental.