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ALADDIN (1992) ***1/2

Robin Williams, as the voice of the Genie, makes this movie great. His mile-a-minute delivery must have given the Disney animators an incredible challenge to keep up. It works beautifully. The comic animation adds an other level to Williams brand of fast-paced humour. When I saw this movie in the theatre everyone was laughing so much that we all missed about two thirds of the jokes. Only on video can you fully appreciate everything that is said. All that to say that this is one of the funniest animated Disney feature ever.

The other characters are pretty funny too, and quite believable. Iago, Jafarís side-kick parrot, voiced by Gilbert Godfried, adds his brand as snappy, sarcastic humour. Jafar is a fantastic villain. Aladdin is a likable hero. And if you close your eyes, Abu the monkey sounds a lot like Donald Duck.

The animation is also incredible. The high-speed magic carpet scenes are breathtaking and hyper-realistic. Visually, the theatre is the best place to see this film, but if you want to catch all the jokes, you need the rewind button.

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