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AMERICAN PIE (1999) ***1/2

This is one of the funniest movies Iíve ever seen. Itís very lewd and gross and shocking, but itís also very truthful at the same time. This is truly what high school guys talk and think about all the time. Jim (Jason Biggs) is our hapless hero who just hasnít a clue, and always seems to get caught in very compromising positions. We laugh about them, but canít help but feel a little uncomfortable for him dreading to think about how weíd feel in his place.

Itís the story of four guys and their quest to lose their virginity by the end of their high school senior year. Itís also about breaking out of your shell and finding out who you really are, and about trying to understand the complexities of the opposite sex.

The casting is fantastic, everyone seems made for their role. Standouts include SCTV alum Eugene Levy as Jimís father, Eddie Kaye Thomas as the debonaire wannabe, Finch, and Seann William Scott as the insensitive jock, Stifler.

If you like tongue-in-cheek high school romp films, youíll definitely enjoy this one. The video version contains several scenes that are more risque than those that were in the theatrical release.

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