FBMR - American Pie Presents Band Camp
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The American Pie franchise, as it seems to have become, has often pushed the boundaries of gross-out teen humour. This movie, which only includes Jim Levenstein (Eugene Levy) from the original cast, follows Steve Stifler’s younger brother, Matt, as he tries to follow in his big brother’s footsteps as a raunchy jerk, although he thinks he’s being cool. There were fewer gross-out gags, and more female nudity than the other American Pie movies. There’s nothing tremendously new and shocking about this movie but it still delivered a number of big laughs.

The previous American Pie movies focused on awkward characters and their troubles and relationships with girls. Steve Stifler was a secondary character, a jock-jerk whose only interest is seeing as many girls naked as possible and insulting as many non-jocks as possible. Having a Stifler as a main character made me wonder what direction this movie would take. But even early on, we see that whereas Matt Stifler is very much like his older brother, he can also be the victim of circumstantial ridicule. It was nice to see that he can be in a compromising position as well, and not only be the antagonist. As much of a jerk as he is, there are other “villains” in this movie that help you like Matt more, and hope for a change in his attitude.

I like when movies are unpredictable sometimes and don’t necessarily have a happy ending, although, I was fairly confident that this wouldn’t be the case with this movie. And I was glad. The “fourth quarter” conflict was intense, and I found myself speaking to the screen (which sometimes happens when I get involved in a story and the characters), but I had a strong feeling that things would work out. I just didn’t know how, or how quickly.

I often find it strange how in some movies conflict can stem from the smallest, stupidest little thing and be blown way out of proportion, and could easily have been avoided if the characters would have just spoken calmly and honestly. Yet, I also find it strange how quickly a conflict resulting from a stupid, stupid decision can be resolved (which was the case in this movie). Neither scenario seems very realistic, and that bugs me. But at least the other parts of the movie that I enjoyed were fun and funny.

It’s silly, it’s juvenile, it’s stupid, it’s funny. Great light fare after a long, difficult week.