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ANALYZE THAT (2002) **

As is the case with most sequels, this one doesnít measure up with the first. ANALYZE THIS had the fun mob-boss-needs-therapy gimmick, but by the time the sequel rolled around, we had already seen this premise a number of times, notably in the HBO series THE SOPRANOS. And ANALYZE THAT just isnít all that funny, nor is it as gritty as THE SOPRANOS.

Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro) is in prison, presumably doing well until he finds out that someone is out to kill him. This puts him in a panic where he inevitably will require Dr. Sobel (Billy Crystal) to help him through this, or at least get him out of jail. With a desire to leave ďthe lifeĒ behind, Vitti embarks on a number of different job opportunities, none of which turn his crank. Even acting as a consultant on a mafia crime drama TV show (which seems to poke fun at THE SOPRANOS) bores him. Not to mention, pressure from former associates and rivals watching his every move, trying to drag him back into the life, or trying to bump him off.

It did have itís moments, specifically when Vitti sings West Side Story tunes and goes catatonic. But even they only really made me grin slightly. I was disappointed.