FBMR - Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey
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Our heroes are at it again, trying to save the world with their unique (to put it politely) brand of music. Traveling less through time, they are taken from Earth to the Underworld to Hell and to Heaven.

Laughs abound because these two guys are such spaced-out bone-heads. The script is also very funny, and smarter than EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. One of the most impressive moments is when Cpt. Logan (Hal Landon, Jr.) imitates his son, Ted. Itís right on.

One of the only downers is that the film slides a little downhill after Bill and Ted return from Heaven. It hate it when a movie starts off well, but has a disappointing ending, and disappointing (and slightly confusing) it is. Although stick around through the credits and read the newspaper headlines in the background. They almost redeem the weak ending.

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