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BRAVEHEART (1995) ****

I love this film. I love everything about it. Other than the fact that there are a number of historical inaccuracies, there's nothing about this film that I don't like. Mel Gibson stars and directs one of the greatest epic films of all-time. It's the story of Scottish rebel William Wallace who becomes a national hero by leading an army of patriots to fight against the English who refuse to grant Scotland it's sovereignty. The King of England also double-crosses the Scottish, time and time again, raises Scottish taxes, and rules with a tyrannical iron-fist. The heroes are cheer-worthily good, and the villains are hissably evil, indeed. At the same time this film also manages to be a very tender love story.

What sticks out the most in my mind about this film are the battle scenes. These scenes are among the bloodiest and hyper-realistic I've ever seen. I was actually shocked at the amount of blood that was shed in each battle sequence. Even though this film is about 3 hours long, it's one of those films that seem to fly by. It's engrossing from beginning to end, and well worthy of the Academy Awards it won.

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