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FREQUENCY (2000) ***1/2

The preview to this movie looked really good, and the movie itself did not disappoint. This film manages to take a story we've seen many times over (that of a murder investigation) and add a new twist (communicating with the past and the future) and make the film quite interesting. During a natural phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights) caused by massive sun storms which disrupt global communications, John (James Caviezel) and Frank Sullivan (Dennis Quaid) are able to talk to each other thirty years apart. But by talking, they manage to change Frank's past which inevitably changes John's future. Realizing the power they possess, John, the cop, asks his father (the firefighter) for help in closing an unsolved murder mystery involving an unknown serial killer from thirty years ago.

This movie starts with a very intense fire fighting scene, and the suspense and intensity never lets up. It slows down every now and then, but is always there. For example, Frank and John never know when this mysterious line of communication will cease. It's also a very touching movie with some very tender moments between this grown-up son and his young father. They tell each other things fathers and sons should tell each other, but often neglect to. This movie makes you realize that you don't always know what you've got until you reconnect with the past and change the future.

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