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FUBAR (2002) ***

Filmed in Calgary’s North East, this mockumentary follows the lives of two headbangers … a dying breed in this the 21st Century. Their lives consist of barely working, living in low rent housing, shotgunning beer and getting drunk. What do you expect from a couple of guys whose philosophy of life is, “Just give’r.”

Just when you thought the film is simply going to be about 2 hoseheads and their mundane lives (which they can’t see anything wrong with), it is revealed that one of the guys has testicular cancer. It adds some more drama and interesting moments to the film.

These two actors take Method acting to the extreme, or so it seems, unless they are outstandingly brilliant at acting drunk. From what I gathered, they really get rip-roaringly drunk while filming. And it’s almost embarrassing to watch their drunken antics.

There is at least one unexpected twist that, to me, just seemed a little bizarre. But I laughed because it was so strange. If you live, have lived, or have spent any significant amount of time in a small town in Canada, and probably in the US as well, you will surely know a couple of guys like these who ritualistically get Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.