FBMR - Good Morning, Vietnam
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This role was arguably one of the best vehicles for Robin Williams. He plays Adrian Cronauer, a fast-talking, wise-cracking, cutting-edge military-radio dj. Once on the air, his mouth never stops, resting only during a song, but sometimes, not even then. It would be interesting to find out how much of his on-air shtick was scripted, loosely scripted, or completely ad-libbed. But along with it being quite humorous (“it’s funny … I know funny, and this is funny”), it also deals with some very serious issues, namely the American involvement in the Viet-Nam conflict. Williams was able to tap into the dramatic side of his acting as well, and show the world that he is more than just manic comedian.

There is also an abundance of great supporting characters, some of whom are on Cronauer’s side in regards to his modern music (great 60s soundtrack) and off-the-wall programming, and others who wouldn’t know a good joke if it bit them in the face, regardless of whether Reader’s Digest is considering publishing one of their jokes.

Bitter-sweet on many levels, this movie is great. One of director, Barry Levinson’s best.