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HUSH (1998) **

I found that this film lacked the intensity that could have been generated with the story. I never found myself riveted or too nervous for any of the characters. Jessica Lange in the roll of Martha, “mother-in-law” to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Helen, was fantastic, but I felt like she was confined by the script, and could have played Martha more fiercely if she were given the opportunity. The other characters in the film, except the grandmother, irritated me because they were so blind and did such dumb things.

The film is about a matriarch with some ghosts in her closet, and a hidden agenda. She lives on a huge run down ranch and takes breeding a little too seriously. When her son, Jackson (Johnathon Schaech), and his wife decide to help spruce the ranch up and restore it so they can sell it, Martha becomes involved in a struggle with Helen for Jackson’s attention.

I didn’t mind this film, but I find it could have been much better.

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