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KALIFORNIA (1993) ***

Brad Pitt is a sex symbol. Many women swoon and consider him to be among the best-looking men in Hollywood, let alone the world. However, he is not a pretty boy in this film. It's refreshing to see an actor like him go against the type and play a long, greasy-haired, scraggly beard-wearing, white trailer trash psychopath. He plays the role very convincingly as well, adding some humour to the film, yet at the same time being awfully

The one thing I didn't particularly like, and in fact, it bothered me quite a bit, was the voice-over narrative. The text seemed convoluted in an attempt to be clever, but failed. The story was interesting, and most of the dialogue was fine, though. I also liked the contrast between white-trash couple Early (Pitt) and Adele (Juliette Lewis), and the
writer/photographer duo of Brian (David Duchovney) and Carrie (Michelle Forbes).

Brian is a writer researching a book on serial killers; Carrie is a photographer dying to get to California. When the two embark on a cross-country trip to visit historic murder locations en route to California, they ride-share with Early and Adele who answered their ad. Little does Brian know at the time, but Early has just as many tendencies towards violence as the famous serial killers he researching.

Grizzly and graphic at times, disturbing at others, and sometimes funny. I recommend this film to all those girls and women in love with Brad Pitt.