FBMR - Kill Bill Vol. 1
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KILL BILL VOL. 1 (2003) ***1/2

Originally, writer/director Quentin Tarantino wanted this to be one movie, but in order to make the movie he wanted it went long. The studio wanted him to cut it down to a ďreasonableĒ length. He refused, but instead offered to cut it into two volumes, two films. Iím thankful for that because, although there were some scenes that went on long, namely the majority of the fight sequences, it was worth it.

Story-wise, thereís not much there. A pregnant assassin is ruthlessly double-crossed by her boss and team on her wedding day. Sheís thought to be dead, but miraculously survives and awakes from a four-year-old coma to seek revenge on her assailants. She makes a list and decides to track them down one by one. We donít know why she was double-crossed. Uma Thurmanís performance as The Bride is superb. She shows incredible strength of character, as well as vulnerability.

If you thought Tarantinoís previous films were violent, buckle-up and get ready for the most bloody, over-the-top, and violent movie Iíve ever seen. Itís uber-violent. But much like Pulp Fiction, it is not without itís humour. People are getting clobbered and beat-up and killed left, right, and centre, and it often leaves the audience laughing. Maybe itís nervous laughter, maybe itís laughter in disbelief, and maybe itís laughter at how ridiculously exaggerated it all is. Regardless, if you can stomach it, itís a very, very cool film.