FBMR - Legally Blonde
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As the movie began, I started shaking my head a little in despair, thinking it was just going to be one big ditzy blonde joke. And at first, thatís what this movie is. Once Elle (Reese Witherspoon) arrives at Harvard and begins studying law, everything becomes more intelligent while still keeping some ditzy charm. Itís almost like the movie CLUELESS goes to Law School. Surprisingly, the script is actually quite clever.

Elle Woods is dumped by her longtime boyfriend shortly before he heads off to Harvard Law School because he believes that she isnít smart enough for him and will always be the spoiled little rich kid. To attempt to prove him wrong and get him back, she applies and is accepted into Harvard Law as well (thanks to a very creative video interview presentation). And does she ever stick out like a sore thumb.

This movie portrays most lawyers as being more concerned with procedure than with being intuitive and gaining a clientís trust. Thatís where Elleís simplicity and borderline naÔvetť helps her in her dealings with the law. Itís a very cute little movie.

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