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LOST & FOUND (1999) **1/2

I didnít mind this movie too much, it was all right, but not great. There were some really funny parts, and there were some parts that I fast forwarded because I got impatient. David Spade plays Dylan, a restaurant owner who canít seem to find the right girl until he meets his new neighbour Lila (Sophie Marceau). He immediately becomes infatuated with her and makes it his goal to win her over. He knows heíll be able to do this as long as he can show her what a nice and fun-loving guy he is. When he sees that her dog has a tendency of running away, he decides that that would be a perfect way to spend time with her, helping her look for her dog.

Spade plays Dylan just about the same way heís played every one of his previous characters from TV and film. Thereís nothing new in his performance except that heís a little nicer once you get to know him. But on the surface, heís playing himself. He may well be playing himself as the nice guy too, I donít know him, so I canít really judge. But based on his previous work, this role is very similar. At the beginning of the film, the dog annoyed me quite a bit. But as the movie progressed, I started like him more and more. Much the way Lila starts to like Dylan more and more as she gets to know him.

Some of the highlights are the Neil Diamond scene, the scene where Dylan is looking for a diamond in his bathroom, and the musical number during the end credits. Predictable to the end, but itís light fun.

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