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MINORITY REPORT (2002) ***1/2

Intelligence has comes back to Hollywood! This is one of the smartest, most clever action/suspense thrillers I’ve ever seen. And it has a great sense of humour that I wasn’t expecting, but gladly welcome. There are some interesting twists and turns that keep you on your toes. The only flaw would be that it is a little predictable. I am not usually always able to “call” things, but I called a couple in this movie. The special effects are superb. It is futuristic, yet not ridiculously so.

John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is a pre-crime homicide detective. Working with three beings that can foresee murders, he arrests the criminals before they have a chance to commit the murders, thereby saving the victims. Things get complicated when he discovers that he is the murderer in newest foreseen homicide. The problem is he doesn’t even know the soon-to-be victim. He is convinced that there has been some mistake, that he has been framed by Government investigator Ed Witwer (Colin Farrell). He has to try to find out what is going on, and there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Much like Hitchcock films, the heroes are not always all that good. Anderton has become somewhat of a drug addict while trying to cope with the loss of his young son, and subsequent divorce from his wife. I like that because it shows that even the good guys are not all perfect. They have personal problems of their own to deal with.

Keep your eyes peeled for VANILLA SKY director Cameron Crowe reading a newspaper on a bus. This movie and VANILLA SKY were filmed at the same time on the same lot. Apparently Steven Spielberg has a cameo in VANILLA SKY as well.

This one should be remembered come Oscar-time!

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