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ROAD TRIP (2000) ***1/2

This movie is incredibly funny. I canít remember the last time I laughed so much in a movie. Is it juvenile humour? Yes. Is it shocking? Yes. Is it worth watching? Definitely. The story is silly, the script is full of holes and implausibilities, but itís so much fun that they are easily over-looked.

The acting is nothing special, but I believed each character. Of course, these roles werenít written for Oscar contention so thereís only so much an actor can do with them. Tom Green played Barry (who was basically, Tom Green). Not much new there, but if youíre a fan of his and his show, you wonít be disappointed. Other than him, though, it was more the situations than the characters who were funny. And they were uproariously funny.

What spurs this road trip from Ithaca, N.Y. to Austin (not Boston), Texas is a home video of Josh (Breckin Meyer) and Beth (Amy Smart) having sex which was accidentally mailed to Joshís girlfriend, Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard) in Austin. Josh has three days to try to beat the package from getting to Tiffany. Their trip starts out all right, but takes many turns for the worse the further they get from Ithaca. Barry, narrates the story while showing a group of potential students and their parents the campus, and he adds his own special details to spice the story up.

When you go see this movie, itís best to turn your brain off, leave it at home, or better yet, stick it in the gutter. Youíll enjoy the movie so much better if you donít think about it too much.

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