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SHAFT (2000) ***

You can't really call this movie a remake and you can't really call this movie a sequel either. It's more of a revival, in my opinion. Samuel L. Jackson plays John Shaft, nephew of the original Shaft (Richard Roundtree, who also has a small role in this movie), in this relatively ordinary action flick. There are a couple of different story lines in this movie that tie in together well. Christain Bale plays a cocky, wealthy snot who can't control his temper, and has a knack of avoiding punishment. Shaft doesn't take any crap from anybody, especially wealthy, spoiled jerks. Of course, Shaft crosses the line one times too many and gets re-assigned to a number of different departments. The story gets more complicated with drug dealers getting away with everything, and rumours of police corruption.

I wasn't expecting this film to be as violent as it was. I guess updating means more guns and more action and more killing. It's unfortunate that that's what sells movies nowadays. On the other hand, Samuel L. Jackson, who is coolness personified, has such an awesome screen presence that he makes all the gun play look cool. He was born to play John Shaft. He's a bad mother...(shut your mouth).

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